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Some feedbacks from our worldwide customers: 


"Even more beautiful in person! Arrived quickly. Securely packaged. Highly recommend this seller!"

Janine, PA, USA.



"Love that if you don't speak Hebrew, and you can't understand how important it is in my life. You'll just say that's a beautiful piece of jewelry. Ivy"

Ivy W. New York USA


"Very nice necklace ! The sword is excellent ! Promptly delivery ! Nice gift with the necklace ! Remarkable transaction ! Raphael"

Raphael C, Hong Kong.



"Absolutely beautiful. Gem is perfect and it sparkles on my necklace. I also love the gift the shop included."

Jodi S, Ohaio, USA



"Magnificent silver Tree of Life! I have been looking for a while and fell in love with this necklace. It is even better in person. Great fast service, quality silver work and the details are perfect."

Debra D. Santa Fe, USA.



"Simple, original, naturellement beau."

Estelle s., Mauvezin, France.



"Great job, looks awesome I love it Thanks for the hamsa."

Marco. v, FL, USA.



"Beautiful pendant, and even more eye-catching in person. Care was taken to ship it on time for a birthday gift. Great communication regarding clarifications. Highly recommended!"

Shreekrishna A. Phoenix. USA
"The Shema necklace was beautiful and the person I gave it to just loves it!!  We chose it together on your website and she was so happy with it - exactly what she wanted. Thank you also for the gift you added to my order - very thoughtful. It was special to have this gift come from Israel - she is thrilled!!
Thank you again."
Carol, G. Illinois, USA



"Thank you so much for the quick turn around on my husband’s ring. 
He lost his wedding ring and this weekend is our 24th wedding anniversary.
The ring arrived a few days early. He loves the ring, especialy the Lion of Judah design.
We are very grateful.
Our sincerest best wishes and prayers for peace and unity in your part of the world."

Beverly S,   USA



"Hello....once again the ring is beautiful. Thank you for the free gift."
Clair D.  United Kindom. 
"I want to let you know it. The lady for whom I placed the order has highly appreciated the bracelet but she  was delighted by your nice presentation and packaging. She was happily surprised by the chain and the hamsa and she told me to send all her gratitude either for the care you took treating that order, for the rapidity it was fulfilled, in short for everything. 
Thanks a lot."
Daniel W. France


"We got the package yesterday! It is beautiful. She LOVED IT! Thank you so much! She loved the extra gift also. Ill order again Please add me to your emailing. God bless." 
James L.  Florida
"Hello. Thank you so much for the quality ring. My other half loves it. The detail on the ring is superb. I would recomend you  based on the quality, great price and fast shipping.
I purchased a lion of judah ring off ebay and it stated solid silver and it came with no hall mark and poorly made...your ring is a late replacement birthday gift and im over the moon with it."
Clair T. UK

"I got my order yesterday.  The bracelet is great.  I plan to give it to my friend Friday.  I know she will love it. Thanks for the chai – it too is beautiful. I will certainly use your site again.


Donna D.       New Jersey   USA

"Received it today!! Love it and the free Gift! Thank you so much I will cherish both items for a long time!!!'"
Marryann A.     California USA

"I received my order today.  Thank you very much!

Your additional gift is quite lovely!  Thank you for your kindness. 


Sharon C.   NC USA.
"My fiance loved his ring - thank you again."
Donna M.    Massachusetts, USA.
"The necklace is very beautiful and I thank you very much for such a lovely gift!  I will be sure to pass your site along to others.  A woman saw the bracelet this morning and was in love with it.
Happy Purim to you and your family as well! 
Thank you so much again!"
Daniela M.  Miami, USA.
"I have received my pendant. It is very beautiful and my wife loves it. Thank you for. Very happy with your shop. Will keep you in mind for a future purchase."
Eli A, New Jersey, USA.
"I received the order and absolutely love the ring!
I really want to thank you - it exactly what I have been looking for."
Vanessa R.  Florida USA.


"I am so happy to let you know that the bracelet is beautiful, my son is very happy with it and the gift you included is enormously appreciated.

Thank you.
I appreciate your informative calls while I worried that it had somehow gotten lost. You have been great."
Patricia S. New York USA



"Please know that the belt and buckle arrived safely yesterday. The piece is absolutely fantastic! The key chain was a terrific bonus. I will refer others to you. 

Be well,"
Fred M. illinois, USA

I ordered the 72 names of God bracelet and received it yesterday.  It is stunning and I thank you for getting it out so quickly!  
When I opened the package, there was a small gold box inside with a beautiful necklace (Star of David with a Chai) also.  Was that meant to be in there?
(That was a gift Jewelry we had to each order)."

Daniela M.   Miami,  Usa



"Dear Yaniv,

My husband ordered me the "I am my beloved"s" bracelet while he is serving overseas in the United States Navy. I love the enclosed Hamsa keychain and that is male for protection. I find your jewerly unique and will refer you to my friends. "

Lynne, New Hampshie USA 

"hi Yaniv
i received my jewlery today and its beautiful.  i am very impressed with the quality.  thank you very much.
Mary T.  Ontarion Canada




"I received this morning the 5 metal ring and it's beautiful.

Thanks guys."

Ruth C.   New York, USA.




"I bought my husband a jewish watch on this store and he is very proud of it. very fast shipping."

Dana B.   Montreal, Canada.




"The encrypted ring with the citrine stone is goregeous. my friend said she will buy the same ring with a Garnet."

Rachel D.   San Francisco, USA.




"Me and my fiancee ordered our wedding ring from this site. She is a coservatine jew and she has thing of buying stuff from israel. Anyway, the ring are engraved with kabbalah love blessings and they are beautiful. We oredered it via express shipping and it arrived sooner the we hoped. Thank you."

Dan M.    Detroit, USA. 




"I bought a golden solomon seal pendant for protection for my son. He is a us marine serving in Iraq, God bless him. He called me a few days after he received it and told me that it's beautiful and that his friends in the army asked their mothers to buy them also the pendant."

Julia H.    Cleevland, USA.




"The healing bracelet i ordered is just beautiful. I bought it to my sister, she always coming down with something (she's hypochondric, lol), she just loves it so much. she seems to be much better since. she into this spirituality thing. whatever, as long as she is better."

Sue R.  Boise Idaho, USA.



"Thanks once again, I received the earrings yesterday. They are magnificent. I got into this kabbalah jewelry craze about 6 months ago, after i saw an amazing jewish necklace my friend bought in Israel. Ever since then the only jewelry i buy is kabbalah and jewish jewelry. i spend a lot of money buying on your store and i guess i'll spend much more in the future. c u soon."

Beth J.   Maryland, USA.




"The tree of life necklace has arrived today and it's gorgeoussssss. Your designers are doing a hell of jub (oops, what an interesting choise of words)."

Laoura S.  New Jersey, USA.




"I love the leather shema israel pendant. i just got it and it is beautiful."

Isidora L.     Wellington, New Zealand.




"The watch with god's names engraving is simply stunning. You are ok, kabbalah jewelry designers. love your work."

Ben A.  LA, USA.




"Today i received my "Ana Bechoah" ring. In one word: BEAUTIFUL."

Regina G.     Ottawa, Canada.




"The last parcel you sent me came after a week i placed the order. I guess it's a hanukkah miracle. any way, the bracelet is amazing, just like the others i've ordered over the years on you shop." 

Melissa R.        Dallas, USA.




"My wife loves the love ring i bought her for our anniversary. thanks."

Josh M.   Phoenix, Arizona, USA. 




"The 72 names of God ring is very beautiful. i show it off in front of my friend and family and now they are also interested in buying it. they want me to ask you if you give bulk discount if they will buy 9 rings just like this one."

Sylvia D.   Amsterdam, The Netherlands.




"The romantic blue rose lucky hamsa is gorgeous. i love this kind of wall art and no dout i will buy more of you amazing items soon."

kaisha R.  New York, USA.




"The diamond star of david earrings are much more beautiful than thay look on the photo."

Hanna M. Atlanta, Ga, USA.




"What an amazing Hamsa ring, thank you."

Saida C.  London, GB.




"Wow, the evil eye bracelet is just breathtaking. really amazing. i have to admit that i had second thoughts just right after i bought, but now, when it's on my wrist, i couldn't be happier."

Jenin M.   Philadelphia, PA, USA.




"The protection necklace i bought is incredible. i like it alot."

Yoshimori S. Tokyo, Japan.




"Hi, just got my susccess anklet. so sos beautiful. thank you so much.|"

Marsha G. Minnesota, USA.




"I would like to thank for shipping my oreder so fast. The kabbalah watch is amazing. my husband loves it very much. the parcel arrived just in time for his birthday. i guess it was a smart move shopping at your store."

Nadja O.  Bern, Switzerland.




"The solomons seal ring for mtaching is great. Thanks."

Andrei B.   Moscow Russia.




"I love my 72 names of god bracelet. well done."

Tod M.    Lincoln Nebraska, USA.




"The Gibeon sword pendant is the most amazing thing i have bought. Really unique kabbalah jewelry."

Ellen S. Maine, New York, USA.




"I bought the key of soul for relationship because my girlfriend made me do it. but now that i have it, it's prety cool necklace."

Al o.  Chicago, USA.




"The toros combination is stunning. i bought it for my hubby and he his so pleased. thank you so much for the fast shipping."

Renne S.  New York, USA.




"Hello, just wanted so say thank you for the amazing colored butterfle hamsa necklace. it's so, so, so beautiful."

Marina S. Kiev, Ukraine.




"I feel obligated to tell you that the little prince baby safety pin is gorgeous. i bought two. one for me baby's bed and the other one for his cart. i assure you that my friends will also buy it, now after i showed it to them."

Lisa W.  Boston MA, USA.




"The 10 spheres star of david is a real masterpiece. your designers are incredible. i must say that i buy a lot of kabbalah and jewish jewelry, and your store have the most amazing collection. c u on my next purchase."

Daphne L.   Denver, CO, USA.



"Hi, how are you? i just like to thank you for the amazing "the drop of luck" Pendant. i never thought that i will ever buy a pendant that's made of glass, but it looked so beautiful on the picture i just had to have it. now that i'm holding it in my hand, it even more beautiful."

Sila J.   Oslo, Norway.




"The diamond & gold star of david ring is magnificent. such a stunning prestige jewish jewelry. thank you for the fast shipping. it arrived on time for my brothers wedding, and everyone who saw it there could not ignor I"

Mor M.  LA, USA. 




"The success bangle was a truly successful gift on my mom's birthday. she loves it so much.  i bought it for her because she recently opened her own beauty slon. she needs all the success blessings she can get."

Rico R.  Lima, Peru.




"As a woman who knows to appriciate designers jewelries, i must say that yours are the best. you have an amazing store. the best of it's kind. i received yesterday the hand painted dove earrings and i can't get over their beauty. the artist who made this his a real talent. tell him i say thank you."

Noel W.  Dublin, Ireland.




"hi there. just wanted to ket you know that i received the golden ald pendant and it's a real beauty. great job."

Rob C.   Washington DC, USA.




"The shema israel diamond key pendant is very unique. there are not too many beautiful diamond jewish jewelry, and as collector of such items i must say that your store is probably the only one who offers such a large and unique collection. i'll visit your store again soon. as usual i'm counting on you to display new items."

Dylen H.  Connecticut, USA.




"i bought the Jerusalem beessing key to my mother in law. and she loves it very much. i hope now she wil be a little more kind to me, even though i know not to expect to much of her."

Shulamit H.  San Francisco, CA, USA.




"Hi. thanks for shipping my leather ring with hamsa so fast. it looks great on my finger."

Jule R.  Paris, France.




"The imprinted "The Ten Commandments" is stunning. Sort of High Tech Kabbalah Jewelry. very impressive."

Sylvester C.  Rome, Italy.




Thank you so much for the amazing Opal Stone Pendant wuth the revolving Hingle. it's an amazing jewelry. i love your designers work. really special artisan jewelry.

Marta S.      New York. USA